Locally-accredited Drug Information for Local Practice Needs

To ensure maximum clinical relevance in local practice settings - MIMS delivers a unique mix of drug prescribing information approved by local government health authorities as well as proprietary generic drug monographs compiled by the MIMS Editorial Team of physicians and pharmacists.

Asia-Pacific’s Most Trusted Drug Reference Resource

Renowned as the hallmark of drug information excellence for over 40 years in Asia-Pacific, MIMS serves medical professionals in 12 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. Over the years, physicians have consistently cited MIMS as their No. 1 choice of drug reference. Today, over 900,000 healthcare professionals log on to MIMS.com for timely access to authoritative drug information, medical news and continuing education resources.

24/7 Real-Time Access across Multiple Platforms and Channels

Designed as an essential information tool in a physician’s daily workflow, MIMS has grown from a desktop drug directory delivering up-to-date and complete drug information, to a new-generation drug and medical reference tool available at every point of care, encompassing print publications, online drug and medical resource portal - MIMS.com, integrated drug knowledge bases within hospital information systems, mobile applications, and standalone reference platforms.

In line with our philosophy to deliver accessible, relevant and responsive medical and drug information to help the medical community improve therapeutic and patient management outcomes, MIMS continually researches and implements relevant clinical practice tools aligned with physicians’ clinical habits and needs to deliver pertinent and crucial clinical information across multiple platforms at every point of care.