MIMS Gateway Integrated

MIMS Gateway Integrated provides essential clinical decision support to help optimise clinician’s time and improve the quality of patient care.

MIMS Gateway Integrated contains the esteemed MIMS drug database - the most up to date and comprehensive source of locally approved drug information, as well as MIMS clinical decision support tools which are internationally referenced and clinically reviewed.

MIMS Integrated

MIMS Gateway Integrated is integrated into an institutions’ hospital/clinic management system to provide real-time interactivity and intervention checks for medical professionals, improving patient outcomes and medication management at the point of care.

  • MIMS Drug Interaction Alert
  • MIMS Allergy Alert
  • MIMS Drug Disease Alert
  • MIMS Dose Range Check
  • MIMS Duplicate Therapy Alert
  • MIMS Drug Pregnancy Alert
  • MIMS Drug Lactation Alert

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